Give rise to Positive Energy at Home

“Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love.”

A blissful home has a whole deck of love, laughter, memories, comfort, and warmth. Here we are overlooking positivity which can make or break the mood.

Sometimes we try to figure it out by putting everything in the frame without realizing that our surroundings may need a refreshment too and that positivity needs conspicuous outcomes.

To maintain positive energy at home, I will be sharing some tips to combat negativity:

  • Organized home
  • Adequate light
  • Indoor plants
  • Wall arts
  • Family photos
  • Ambrosial scent
  • Colorful surroundings
  • Cheering sunlight

And keep your thoughts positive as this is the first surrounding which seems imperceptible but as effective as apparent.

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  1. Maansi says:

    This is a wonderful article specially at this time when we are at home and we require positivity more than we do in normal times.
    Well written, simple and effective
    Wonderful job Yashika


  2. Aditya Dubey says:



  3. Dr. Piyush Dua says:

    Basically the information shared by you is the need of the hour as we all are at home and feels the same.This is a basic need of the time to understand the love of family and importance of home which makes only by the efforts of each family member.Your blog makes me think deep about everything.You have shaped your words and sentences in a beautiful and attractive manner.Thanks for sharing such a beautiful blog!! Looking forward for many more blogs from you.


  4. Surabhi Rajput says:

    Very nice dear keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ritesh Gupta says:

    It’s very true that the positive thoughts , vibes Nd the positive energy is quite essential at our home surrounding . This blog has showed us the path to built a positive vibes Nd energy around us as we all r going through a difficult phase.
    Perfectly explained about about positiveness………
    Great work ✌️
    Yashika Kalra🙏


  6. Paras says:

    Great article! Simple and subtle. All the best 👍


  7. Sandeep Sharma says:

    In agreement with you. A home is merely a house without positive vibes. Short and crisp article, way to go!!


  8. Rashmi Narula says:

    Amazing content specially in this time when everyone spending most their time at home. Must say nice topic we should spread positivity as it is the key of safe and healthy environment.


  9. Manpreet says:

    Thanks for sharing such great tips 😊


  10. royalboybalkar01 says:

    Ohh its great thank you for this specially in this time much needed when we all are at home. Its sounds great and true fact u mentioned there in your blog. Really appreciable Thanking you fr sharing such a content, I gained some great ideas by reading your blog


  11. kalpana verma says:

    Nice article … Keep it up .. n all the best 😊


  12. Barkha Jain says:

    Awesome post !!!


  13. Micheal says:



  14. gunjan92 says:

    Indeed first step towards positivity 🙌 It’s all start from Home ✨ Keep on good work 👍


  15. rajan singh says:



  16. yeshbudhia says:

    Superb keep it up, keep spreading positive energy.


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